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The overall project size of your tattoo will determine the final total cost. The Tattooist will always give you a rough estimate of the price before you book. However, there are a few other factors you will need to consider that will affect the pricing of your tattoo.

It includes the following factors:

1. The size of the body part

2. Additional detailing in the tattooed piece

3. If you are booked in for an entire day tattoo session and tap out early, you are still required to pay the daily minimum

4. We create the highest quality tattoo pieces we can produce to the best of our abilities. So it often requires spending extra time to get the job done right.



1. You must email Inked Kulture a rough idea of your tattoo and body part placement preference via our website. Please include specific images or other detailing requests so the artist can plan for your design.

2. You will be tattooed by a freehand artist who may use a basic outline for specific graphic pieces. The artist will reveal the overall result of the aesthetic and imagery of your tattoo after the procedure is complete. 

3. Polynesian tattoo requests are only drawn on the day of the tattooing procedure to ensure that it is guaranteed to fit your body. The traditional motifs and designs in the tattoo will reflect your personal journey and your spirit. The spiritual interpretation of your tattoo will be the artist’s cultural gift to you. Therefore, a one-on-one consultation before your scheduled tattoo session is not needed.


All clients are required to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $200CAD for all tattoos. This amount is separate from the final total cost of your tattooThis amount also does not carry over to your next appointment. The purpose of this booking fee is to secure your tattoo procedure and to cover canceled or no-show appointments. 


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